Our upscale boutique studio offers both Pilates Equipment and Non-Equipment Classes as well as a variety of Barre classes. All classes are intimate and only hold 5 attendees.
New to Pilates? Special Limitations? We suggest a one-on-one session with a Pilates Barre Professional. This allows the instructor to best work with their student identifying the student’s needs and goals. Our instructors will help push them to their fullest potential and help guide them on their Pilates journey.
A duet session is a shared session with two students of the same level. Students will be taken through the Pilates repertoire utilizing all of the equipment . Students need to be comfortable working more independently while still being guided by an instructor.
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At The Pilates Barre, you can expect your session to be a total body work out with quality care given to each individual. Our classes are largely based on the holistic principles of Joseph Pilates, but also emphasize the strength training, and stretching elements found in other forms of exercise.The Pilates Barre in Denville provides a unique exercise regimen. Our Pilates studio is clean, airy, tons of light, modern and creates the perfect setting for an amazing workout! Classes are small, not overcrowded so personal attention is guaranteed.

People of all skill levels are welcome at the Pilates Barre of New Jersey. We can cater any session to fit your goals, whether it is private lessons, group reformer or tower classes or any of our fabulous Spring Barre or Barre classes.

The core of The Pilates Barre training method are those exercises designed by Joseph Pilates himself, which incorperate control, breath, concentration, centering, precision and flow, making our workouts unique to each individual who comes through our doors. We implement these techniques in all of our sessions whether in a 45 minute group setting or 30, even 50 minute private lesson.

The Reformer provides constant resistance and infinitely more exercise options than a traditional mat Pilates, it allows the body to transition quickly and smoothly from one exercise to another by maintaining a good flow and pace to the Reformer Classes.

All muscle groups, from large to small, are strengthened in a non-aggressive, low-impact manner making all of our workouts as good for your muscles as it is for your joints. Your spine stays protected, your mind engaged, and your body pushed to its limit. This insures all walks of life can join the Pilates Barre

Under the guidance of your certified instructor, it is one of the safest ways to strengthen your muscles while reducing stress on the joints and connective tissues.There’s nothing out there quite like us and the incredible results will prove it to you! We know where you’re coming from and where you’re going.
Let us help get you there!

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A holistic health counselor encourages people to adopt an active, integrative approach to general healthcare and wellness. Our Counselors consider core aspects of the entire person - body, mind and spirit - - to help clients improve personal well-being through everyday lifestyle choices.
Pilates Barre of New Jersey and body and flow have partnered to help inspire teachers to think and teach from the heart. We provide a variety of courses and workshops that are comprehensive , flexible and affordable, all accessible here at the Pilates Barre.
Not Just a Pilates weekend getaway! Curated experiences designed to help you grow, transform, learn and connect. High attention to detail, excellent instructors
who will take your pilates adventure to new heights!

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Throughout your pregnancy it is particularly important to reduce common aches your body can feel while your belly grows.The main benefit to prenatal Pilates is its ability to increase your core strength. The body’s core is actually a combination of several muscles groups: the abdominals, the pelvic floor, and back. The stronger your core, the less likely you are to suffer from aches and pains common during pregnancy—especially during the second and third trimesters. Back Muscles Strong back muscles help to alleviate the stress on your body as weight becomes redistributed. Maintaining good posture can become more difficult as your pregnancy progresses, but it’s important to do so. Not only will good posture reduce the stress on your body generally, but it creates more room for your baby and your own organs, which means you’ll be more comfortable. Pelvic Muscles Strong pelvic muscles can help increase the power behind each push during labor, meaning that you may experience a much shorter labor. Pairing Pilates with Kegel exercises is a win-win decision.
Pilates exercises for osteoporosis can help people with weakened bones by: Increasing bone density, a proven effect of exercise. … Improving balance, which can help prevent falls that might result in a fractured bone, especially if you have osteoporosis. Pilates equipment is valuable for those with osteoporosis because the springs provide the resistance needed for bone strengthening and offer limitless movement possibilities, both within the classical repertoire and beyond. Pilates Tower, Reformer and Chair are great machines for weight-bearing functional exercises.
More conventional or traditional workouts are weight bearing and tend to build short, bulky muscles – the type most prone to injury. Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured.
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